I recently started crawling into the skin of a canon character that I roleplay, but in my normal life. I’ve realized how comfortable it is for me, and that I’ve done this all my life, just haven’t had anyone support it since I was a child. I have feelings from him needing contact with his friends (provided by some of my friends), and feel wonderful when people call me his name. But I’m not sure I’m kin. I feel more like this character came out of me, rather than me coming from them. (1 of 2)

(2/2) He developed from my interest in him, he hasn’t necessarily been there all my life in his current form. But I also did not chose him. I have been trying to connect with many characters for the past couple years after my first headmate faded. And he’s the first one since then I’ve felt like is a part of me. I’m worried about others saying, “You don’t belong here.” Is it okay for people who aren’t quite kin but have similar needs to interact with kins and ask to be treated as their fictive?

Hi there, anon. 

From your message, you definitely sound like you belong in the larger alterhuman community. It is totally fine for you to interact with kin, and discuss your experiences. 🙂 You may even find later that you feel like you ARE kin.

However, from the way you write about your experience, I wonder if you might be fictionhearted, or a soulbonder instead? Both of these are slightly different ways of being connected with a character.

Soulbonding in particular often developes due to writing/roleplaying a character. Do you feel as though the character speaks through you, and speaks to you in some way? You can real more about soulbonding here (link)

Fictionhearted on the other hand is where you feel emotionally connected to the character by an empathic bond, like you FEEL that character wholeheartedly. You feel like you KNOW them intimately, or like you should be them, but you;re not.

I hope some of this helps, anon!

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