I don’t want to assert my experiences as more important than anyone else’s, but I have a confession… it sometimes bothers me how many people seem to be “having fun” with being kin, when being kin has been deeply intertwined with a lot of emotional/mental health problems for me. The flashbacks that lead to my awakening were traumatic, and came on as a result of unrelated trauma. I can’t even do anything relating to “my” canon without feeling a surge of anxiety shoot through my body. (cont)…

…(cont). I don’t understand why my experience has to be so negative when many other people appear to not be nearly as impacted by being kin. I don’t feel that I can relate to the vast majority of people in the community. I can’t make a fun little blog about being kin because doing so would potentially be even more traumatic than hiding it. I don’t really know why I’m saying this. I guess because I’ll never get to say it otherwise. Thanks for listening.

I feel you anon. My own awakening, and kin memories and experiences have been pretty traumatic and distressing, too, and it does make it hard when other people seem to be making being kin into a joke or a game. 

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