So I think I might have been wrong about one of my kintypes because I really didn’t put a lot of thought into it now that I look back, and also I really *wanted* to be them, so I think I may have convinced myself I was them in a past life. I just… I hate admitting I could be wrong about this, especially because they were my first kintype and made me recognize another. Do you have any advice on dealing with this? Thanks.

Its hard to admit one is wrong, anon. I’ve been there, honestly. When I was younger there was this character that I really *wanted* to be a kintype, so I stretched my experiences and tried to get myself to believe it. But after a while I had to admit it just wasn’t true.

There’s no shame in being wrong about yourself, anon. Honestly it shows a lot of maturity to be able to accept and admit being wrong sometimes. Nobody’s going to hold it against you.

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