(copinglink anon) thank you!!! that seems to fit p well but is it possible to have a copinglink thats like. not voluntary? its a lil confusing but as far as i can tell what happened was it was just kind of a thing? like i never really decided it or w/ei just immediately thought that I Was Them but since i was so isolated i talked to them in my head like they were my friend but it was sorta like i was talking to myself? like i was me but i was also them at the same time it was all rly complicated

It can totally happen, anon. The mind does weird things, especially in order to protect itself. Its certainly possible that you built a copinglink identity for yourself over time without being fully conscious of it.

However, if you were chatting with the character in your head, you may want to look into ‘tupla’ or ‘soulbonding’ which may fit what you were experiencing better!

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