hey! i have a really.. weird question? at least it seems to be weird because nobody’s been able to answer me- i was wondering if there’s a way to stop being self conscious/upset about the number of kintypes i have? i’m kin with quite a number of things, mostly fictionkin.. and kinsidering quite a number more. i’m really self conscious about it so i was wondering if there was advice to not be.. that? thank you for reading and answering if you do!! i hope you have a lovely day!!

Two things–, no, three.

First, the best way to get over being self-conscious/upset about “too many” kintypes, is the same way to get over anything that embaresses you. Own up and embrace it. Its not something you can change, so there’s no need to feel self conscious about it.

Second, at this point most of the kin I know have multiple kintypes.There are lots of potential reasons for this, depending on if you buy Spiritual Brand Kin or Psych Brand Kin, but either way, that’s just how it is.

People who have only one kintype and are snobby about it are largely the same type of people who are snobby about anything. They can go finish their MFA instead of giving you a hard time about it. 

On the other hand if you really think you have ‘too many’ kintypes, maybe its worth inspecting/reinspecting them to make sure they’re really kintypes and not just things you like, or things you thought were kintypes but then you got more clarity and realized it was actually X instead of Y, but you thought it was X because X and Y share a lot of characteristics.

(with apologies to MFAs who are not snobs <3 you rock)

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