Kin Manifesto for 2013 and Beyond


A manifesto for Otherkin, Fictionkin, Otakukin, Fictives and all and sundry who find value in it.

1. I will remember where I came from as kin and respect and honor it in my own way.

2. I will embrace my time on this earth, understanding it is as valuable and worthy as my time in any other realm.

3. I will remember that connecting with life in this realm does not lessen or devalue my life and connection with any other realms physical, mental or spiritual.

4. I will treat humans and other non-kin in general with respect and dignity, whether I feel superior to them or not.

5. I will understand that any status held in another realm does not make me automatically deserving of praise, worship or accolades on this earth, nor should I demand them.

6. I will not harass or denigrate unfairly any writers or creators or other persons associated with the ‘canon’ or popular understanding of any realms or beings which I am connected to.

7. I will understand that there are many worlds and many perspectives and I will not harass or denigrate unfairly those who do not share mine.

8. I will understand that my experience is my experience only and my knowledge of my realm and being does not entitle me to exalt myself as knowing The One True Way It Went.

9. I will respect and treasure those who share my perspectives now, while understanding that there may come a time when our views part ways.

10. I will know that my understanding of myself, and where I came from is an evolving concept, and I will not be ashamed if it changes, slowly or suddenly, nor will I shame others for their own evolving beliefs.

11. I will defend and honor my beliefs without denigrating, devaluing or shaming the beliefs or any other person.

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