“If you choose to be kin you’re not really otherkin!”

Are…are there really truscum in the otherkin community now?

Its a question of definition and community experience. Can you chose to shape your mind/spirit into a non-human one? Sure, that’s possible, no one’s saying it isn’t.

But that’s a fundamentally different experience than a person who has grown up with a non-human spirit/mind, who may have inhuman memories and urges, who may have had to deal with supernumerary phantom limbs, and not to mention dealing with the fundamental disconnect between their spirit and mentality and that of humans.

(Also, its not a good idea to draw too much of a comparison between kin and being trans, because transpeople go through a lot of serious struggles and social oppression that kin don’t, and comparing the two can sometimes trivialize the experience of transpeople.)

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