“*both experience a mismatch in their physical body versus their mental/spiritual perception of themselves” No. That is transphobic as hell. being trans isnt just having a “mental perception”, its a BIOLOGICAL brain mismatch. its even worse you put ‘spiritual’ in there




I’m gonna go ahead and leave this here for my followers to address.


a transman/fictionkin who experiences dysphoria

anons need to stop judging everything based on transmedicalist opinion

sincerely another dysphoric trans guy, who doesn’t believe in this ~biological brain mismatch~ nonsense. I am a male, my body is male no matter how I transition, and my brain is just a fucking brain because there’s no such thing as gendered brains. That’s just old world sexist bullshit, created and used to frame women as biologically inferior. Leave it in the dark ages, thanks.

Also please logically reason through something before you call it “transphobic”, anon. You’ll be surprised how many logical leaps you take.

With love,
A third trans guy who deals with emotional dysphoria on a daily basis

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