When people say “Not a kintype, literally me” it pains me so hard like a kintype is literally you, it is your identity in whole or in part, it’s not just like “akin to”. Fuck.

Like, my sole kintype is Nightmaren. I am a Nightmaren. I identify as a Nightmaren. I am literally, on a non-physical level, a Nightmaren.
Kintypes are literally you

Sometimes I wonder why it didn’t stick as “otherkind”? I feel like people see “kin” and think “akin to”… ugh. Save us.

The connotations the word “kin” has are way I gravitate away from it. I only ever use it here, for clarity. Everywhere else including irl I just say what I am. I’m not “kin” to anything, I’m just me. And that’s okay to personally say, but devaluing anyone who uses that word the way the “literally me” crowd does is unnecessary and disrespectful. 

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