How can you tell the difference between a kin memory and a dream? Sometimes, having dreams feels like a memory, or a memory feels like a dream one just had when they woke up. What’s the difference?


I have trouble with this myself, even with my current life memories and dreams. What I’ve found to be helpful is to see if the dream/memory matches up with any other memories you have (chronologically or just logically), and to make sure normal physics laws apply.

Note: throughout this guide I mention writing down the dream/memory. This is a method to keep memories and dreams straight for those who have trouble distinguishing between the two. It’s optional, but helpful.

For example, say you dreamed you were in a park, playing with a toy ball. The first thing you want to do is analyze if it made sense logically. When you walked, did it seem like your steps were too bouncy, like you were on the moon? Did the time suddenly shift from noon to early morning? Or were there any other abnormalities? If any part of the dream/memory is illogical, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. Write it down somewhere as if it’s just a dream.

If the dream/memory passes the logic test, you want to check for chronology. Do you have any other memories of owning the ball, for example? Were you too tall or too short during the dream/memory for it to make sense? Did you have an awareness of how old you were? If any part of the dream/memory doesn’t make sense chronologically, it’s best to write it down as a dream.

If the dream/memory passes both tests, you can call it a memory – and write it down!

If you’re unsure for chronology, then still write it down, but mark it as uncertain.

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