Emergency announcement to all GT community members.





The other day, my friend @captain-s-mindfang alerted me to the presence of a certain person who he thought was connected to the Gallifreyan Tradition. This person operates under the URL tempusetspatiummenticelesti and is NOT affiliated with GT. In fact, we just had one of our posts hijacked by them. They claim to be the Doctor physically and in this life (not otherkin/fictionkin, in fact they seem to genuinely be against the idea) and seem very similar to the Charismatic Leader archetype present in many kin/multiple/soulbonding/PC-pagan communities.

If this person follows or interacts with you, do not engage them. Do not reply, do not send them hate, do not do anything but block them immediately. I know from experience that this type of charismatic personality thrives on attention, and the best way to keep yourself safe is to not give it to them.

-Mod Cass

Be safe, people.
This kind of behavior is not cool at all.

We’re fairly certain that wibblywobbly-timeywimey—stuff is another member of this clique. Same advice as before; do not engage, do not respond, just block them immediately.

I’m sorry this is happening so soon after the Discourse of Rassilon ended. We can’t seem to catch a break lately, can we.

-Mod Cass

If you’re watching out for this person, note that they’ve already changed their URL to nonproptersalvatoris

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