Otherkin Resources To Avoid




  • Kin Sanctuary – KS routinely disseminates false information about the otherkin and therianthropy communities. In the past, they have stated that otherkin have magical powers and that if they trained themselves, they could eventually perform telekinesis.
  • Therian Guide – The owners of Therian Guide can (and have) read the private messages of their users without just cause and without any reasonable suspicions of rule breaking. In addition, the information provided on this site is sub-par at best. (evidence)
  • Silver Pack – This pack operates as a cult-of-personality around the owner, Silver Black. The administrators and members of the site also believe they can physically shift into werewolves.
  • Razgriz Pack – The reasons Razgriz is listed are similar to the reasons Silver Pack is listed. A large number of their members not only believe physically shifting is possible, but that they have physically shifted themselves.


darkspire17.tumblr.com – Propagates hateful and transphobic content, as well as occasionally propagating slander. 

quicklime-girl.tumblr.com – This person has previously claimed to be a “proud pedophile”. They are now known for ban-dodging on otherkin forums, and vandalizing otherkin wikis.

Instagram Accounts

@theriannews – Propagates hateful messages and slander towards members of the therianthropy community, while providing no newsworthy content. Their posts have been removed by Instagram on numerous occasions.

– Shadow

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