Something I’ve talked about a few times on other blogs is the fact that I feel a lot of kinfolk, especially fictionkin folk, don’t spend very long contemplating Kintypes before confirming them.

In some situations, it’s possible to known right away if you’re kin with something, but it’s not going to happen with everyo single one, or even most I of them.

I bring this up because I recently was kinsidering a troll from Homestuck (for those of your who are unaware, there are 24 different trolls). This is a fandom I was in extensively for many years as an teenager, so this took me a while to be even remotely sure.

My first conundrum came from me the number of characters I had imprinted on when I was in the fandom, characters I spent a lot of time role playing and cosplaying, characters I had grown to love.

The second conundrum is one everyone faces, which is, feelings you had for a character translating to kinfeels.

For example, if you’re kin with Karkat who was extremely close with Terezi, those feelings may translate to kinfeels for her, making you think you’re Terezi instead of Karkat.

Another conundrum is simply relatability. Relating to a character is not the same as being that character. All characters are designed to be relatable to some degree.

Sharing personality traits is not being kin with that character. Imprinting on a character is not the same as being that character.

Confirming a part of your identity takes time.

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