your thread with systemgatekeeper is the most wild thing i’ve ever seen in my life. the argument is going in circles and their only replies are basically “you’re wrong because i said so”. holy shit











It was exhausting.
Being exposed to that level of ignorance and arrogance was not fun.

This experience has brought to mind a possibility.

The DSM is a great gatekeeping tool if “system” is an identity that can be policed.
There’s an actual checklist to see if you belong to their “community”
Which is exactly what it is; and that is exactly what is happening.

But the problem is, no one ever bothers to read the damn thing.
They don’t know what’s in it.
They don’t know what’s NOT in it.

With such widespread and excessive “gatekeeping” (as if there was an actual gate to keep), Tumblr users know all the “right” things to say and all the “right” things to do in order to act like a “Real System™” in the eyes of….
Each other….

If I was a singlet “faking a system”, I wouldn’t be one of the 100% fictive, multi-ethnic, Soulbonding, tulpamancing gateway systems.

No. I’d find out the “right” way to be a system and then follow it like law.
Or better yet…
Enforce it!

I’d be a “Real System™”!

It would be the most likely place for a singlet to hide if they were passing themselves off as plural.
The possibility that singlets could be policing plural identities is sickeningly real.

For some reason, despite being “systems”, they don’t seem to have any adults in there with them.
At all.
They act their body’s age.
All the time.

The reason they say that system members talking to each other on posts is “fake”…
is because
They Couldn’t Do It And Stay Consistent!

Combine this with their astonishing and unashamed ignorance of the disorder they claim to have.
They don’t get it.
All they know is:
“DID/OSDD-1 causes systems”
Even writing that, the ignorance is painful.

We weren’t even talking about what causes multiplicity, but they kept bringing up trauma as an attempt to change the subject.

They outright refuse to provide citations or resources to back up their perverted misunderstandings of psychiatry.

But I honestly think they see everything having to do with DID/OSDD-1 as being the exact same thing. It’s confusing. They use terms interchangeably and run around in circles.

This is their message, rewritten in Adult:

In order to be multiple, you have to have a diagnosis of DID/OSDD-1.
In order to be diagnosed with DID/OSDD-1 you have to be multiple.

These^ are their diagnostic criteria for “systems”.
The fact that, even when provided resources and education, they can’t be bothered to read is a testament to their arrogance and ignorance.

They can’t even COMPREHEND what multiplicity is!!

All this and I can only come to one conclusion.


Fucking singlets.

You heard me.

They’re fake.


Thank the gods we’re not the only ones who came to that conclusion. 

Seriously, though, if I remember correctly one of us (I forget who – probably Raven) accused one of them of sounding like a singlet. 



And thinking about it now.

It isn’t so much that they sound “singular”;
It’s that they never sound plural.

Have you ever noticed that their criteria on Tumblr for being “real” is to act as un-plural as possible?

That should be a red flag.

Over on psychforums you can see all kinds of systems, some diagnosed back when it was still called MPD, letting everyone in their group make posts.

Including talking to each other.

They’ll even let their otherkin and therian members post in growls and hisses.

On Tumblr, their made-up rules and standards would all work in the benefit of a singlet posing as multiple.

They wouldn’t have to “act” multiple AT All!!

Pretending to be several different people and trying to keep track of all of them would leave someone a mental wreck.

If the only way to be a real system is to act like a singlet, then what the hell do plural folks act like?

Seriously it’s not impossible that this is exactly what is happening to this community.

I feel sick.


holy shit

my head is skyrocketing off my body

no wonder i felt this pressure to constantly “hide” and have everyone “pretend to be normal” when i followed these blogs. no wonder i was like “NO ONE CAN BE FICTIVES OR HAVE KINS”. what the fuckle

Basically what’s happening is that singlets have invaded the multiple community and are currently attempting to erase multiple lives by gaslighting multiples and harassing and abusing others into submission. 

That’s why they don’t care about suicidal teenagers. In fact, they may have even been trying to literally get people to commit suicide if they won’t submit. 

After all, to be anything other than singlet is to deserve the worst, right? 

Boy, doesn’t this sound familiar? 

Everyone, this is what you do in the face of these infiltrators, these fakers.

We drive them off. We keep responding to them and pointing out their fakery. We keep warning others what they’re doing. We do anything and everything we have to to minimize the damage they’re causing. 

They are purposely going after all of us and are attempting to drive us all back underground. Under no circumstances will we allow this to happen. No matter how much they harass us or call us fakes or what have you, they cannot erase us here. This is our space, and they’re never going to change that. 

To our followers who’ve been following this entire gatekeeper discourse, please do what you can. We ask you to call them out when you see them harming others. Report them when applicable. Block them if you have to to protect yourself. Warn others about them and let them know that they’re fake. 

Don’t let fakers and liars control you, ever. Don’t let singlets who do not care about you or those in this community erase you. Your existence means more than that.  

Signal BLAST.

Liberty started this whole thing and she’s sleeping through it.

a thought occurred to me: if these gatekeepers see us calling them fakes for their actions, they’re going to throw only the most ridiculous of tantrums (generally through snark and increased harassment). the tables will have been turned; while it was on us to prove our legitimacy, now it’s on them to prove theirs. the backpedaling will break their legs.

how do i know this? i know this because they act eerily similar to an abuser of ours who harassed children in the sonic the hedgehog fandom. once proven wrong, or having the tables turned on them, they responded with no counterargument besides snark and jokes. they felt “above” having to respond to their arguments. they had to be right, because they were right, okay, god, don’t try to prove them wrong.

i recognize the sonic the hedgehog fandom is nothing like the multiplicity community. however, the lines of logic are the same. “i am not wrong, because i said so, and i must prove nothing to you; not because i have nothing to back myself up with, but because i just am right.”

it’s a toxic mentality to have, and harassers who can’t even back up their nonsensical arguments should, indeed, be driven out of our spaces and communities.

but, do i think every person who believes in gatekeeping is lying? of course not. some can be tricked into believing things that aren’t necessarily true or healthy (take us, for example). in the right mind, hate can rule over love and acceptance with a simple few words. due to our autism, this applies to us as well. i tend to be very prone to hatred, myself.

it’s all a matter of learning.


I mean, the backpedalling is already pretty much happening. They’re already at “I know you are but what am I?!”

And Yeah, #notallgatekeepers are fake. I think they’ve been sucked into a very toxic environment and felt they had to take on a toxic mentality (good word choice) to survive.

The good news is: they don’t ^^

Yeah. The question is, where did the toxic mentality come from? Many have gained this toxic mentality through interaction with singlets. 

A lot of what they have to say reeks of singlet and may be them parroting singlet rhetoric back, or them trying to make sense of what is, to them, utter chaos. There’s also the fact that, as we’ve said before, a lot of them have been abused, and some people who survive abuse or live through it still feel a need to feel superior to others when they are consistently deemed inferior by others. 

It doesn’t help that there are singlets pretending to be multiples and reinforcing this toxic train of thought. It is a curious thing, I think. If the toxic singlets masqueraders were to fall through, would the thought process of the actually multiple gatekeeper blogs fall through or persist? 

Either way, they’d have a chance to realize what’s going on and, hopefully, realize why what they’re doing is wrong. 


If you want an example of someone being gatekeepy who has no clue about multiplicity and is just regurgitating oft-repeated factoids about DID/OSDD-1, observe:

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