I’ve never seen ‘otherkind’ and ‘fictionkind’ before! Does it hold a different meaning from ‘kin? Why is it being used now? And how, grammatically, do I use it? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to keep up to date! ◥ Anonymous

Otherkind and Fictionkind are being used by people who believe that the meanings of otherkin and fictionkin have become so distorted, flexible and muddled that they no longer describe the community. Its basically to separate away from the people who use being kin as a trend/think being kin was invented by tumblr/think you can chose to be kin, etc, and as a way to combat the ‘distancing’ connotation that kin has (IE, I’m not related to a wolf, I AM a wolf)

 As for how you use it grammatically here are some examples:

“I’m fictionkind.” “I’m wolfkind” “I’m part of the otherkind community.”

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