A bit of general advice, since we get a lot of questions that can be solved the same way.

If you have kin-related problems and you don’t know how to get rid of them, take the kin part out of the question, and then figure out how to treat it in the same way as you would treat an injury.

Missing canonmates? Missing friends. If you are missing friends you need to find some more, so go join a kin discord or something.

Bad memories of things you did as a kintype? Flashbacks to being 12, probably. Get some closure on things if you need to and go immerse yourself in a hobby. Make some better memories. Move on and all that.

Missing home like hell? You’re in a hotel, on technicality. Go get some room decor or throw some incense around if you’ve got some. Make your ‘hotel room’ (current room) more like your room back home (the one your kintype has, whatever and wherever that may be.)

You don’t use cough syrup if your arm is broken, essentially, you straighten out the break and tape it together until it heals. Treat the problem for what it is at the heart, and you’ll figure it out.

~Mod Lu

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