My take on the multiverse theory and how it relates to otherkin/d.




Alternate title: “Why I’m confused


people being upset

over doubles but it’s whatever.” This post has more to do with fictionkin since that’s the people I’ve most often seen this with but go ahead and read if you want to.

Disclaimer: This is not an attack or anything, just my own views on how I think things happen, yadda yadda yadda. I can be absolutely horrible sometimes at saying things the way I’m thinking them. Please don’t bite my head off over this, thanks.

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The way Ive been thinking about it recently is like ripples, or light waves.

It spreads out from one point and creates and infinate number of ripples, but sometimes they encounter things like pebbles in a stream and some parts of the ripple change, or the flow gets trapped between things or cut off completly.

I can’t speak for others, but this isn’t why canon makes me uncomfortable – what makes me uncomfortable is that people see my name and immediately assume canon applies, and people I know and love are being seen in the same way. Canon, which is almost always ridiculous, incomplete, or offensive. Hetalia canon, for example, I don’t believe exists anywhere, in any way shape or form.

But I see the multiverse differently too – not every irrelevant choice makes it’s own thing. What I believe in is a mix of spontaneity and intelligent design. Just because there could be a billion Ichigo Kurosakis doesn’t mean there is. I’m one, and maybe there are 100 others, or 5, or 23. But I believe they exist to be unique individuals, and not because two carbon copies differ over ice cream flavors. I know another Ichigo who is dramatically different from me, even if we have similarities, are from the same “stock” in a way. He was meant to exist exactly as he is, and me as myself. I don’t think there’s doubles out there who are exactly like us, to the letter, except they like country music instead of A Perfect Circle.

You’re right about doubles though – if you don’t like em, just ignore. Tumblr’s fostered this culture of being The Most Valid that identity is a competition now.

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