i know this is really vague and i’m sorry to ask a question like this but you’re one of the best people i can think to ask; what do you think about people who are fickin with “bad” characters? i feel like i might be kin (or at least -hearted with one) and the potential backlash to that makes me scared to do more than sort of consider it.

I’ve been a ‘badguy’ in just about every life I’ve had. My kinselves are Vriska Serket and the Digimon Emperor. Both of those characters have hurt people, done terrible things, and been reviled by people both in their universes and this one. I’ve had people unfollow me for being kin of an ‘abuser’.

I grapple daily with memories of pain, and violence. Memories of terrible decisions I wish I could unmake. And yet there’s still a part of me that sometimes goes, no man, that was badass. You were totally a cool person when you did all those bad things. Its a struggle, between crushing guilt, and misplaced pride. Most days I end up on the guilty side.

And yes, there are people in the community who look down at me for having been a villain. I think these people are wrong and stupid. This is a new life. A new chance. People who hold grudges against people for what they did in other lives…. kinda suck.

Honestly if you’re fictionhearted, and can chose whether or not to associate with a villain, I guess I wouldn’t recommend it. There are better people to use as a patron and aspire to be.

But if you’re kin of a villain, sadly, you don’t get a choice. You can accept it, or deny it, but you can;t change who you are. You can only try to improve, and hope that people will understand.

For reference, one of the few kin skype groups I belong to is a ‘villains only’ club, and they are some of the nicest, most thoughtful and intelligent, and least-drama prone kin that I have ever met.

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