what happens if someone never finds their kintype?

That’s totally okay! Not everyone is otherkin/fictionkin and that’s totally fine! Being kin isn’t better than being non-kin, and in fact, being kin can come with a lot of drawbacks that people don’t think about. Homesickness, grief over lost friends, weird memory flashbacks, supernumerary phantom limbs– none of that is really a picnic. Its not to say being kin is *awful* or anything, but its not something anyone needs to seek out.

From a psychological perspective not being kin just means that you jive with your human identity, and that’s certainly a good thing!

From a spiritual perspective, not being kin could mean you’re a brand new soul and this is your first time around. Or it could mean that you did so well in your last lives that you don’t have any unfinished business/baggage that needs to intrude on your current life. That’s a good thing too!

If you feel like you *are* kin, and you just can’t figure out what your kintype is, that’s sort of a different question. I think you will find it if you spend enough time. Try getting to know people of different kintypes and asking them how they feel. Write down all the things you think make you kin, and post them asking for help on what you might be.

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