Is it weird to look at reader insert fanfic of you x a relative of yours in a past life? As in, not incest and viewing it from your past life’s perspective, but acknowledging that this is a completely different life and viewing it from that perspective. What about you x a different canon? Both my friend and I were curious about the morals around this.

I am really not the person to ask the perspective of this, anon, but I will give it a shot, with the caveat that I could be way off base.

Perspective: modern society considers incest taboo/disgusting, and the humans species (mostly) instinctively avoids sexual relationships with the people that they were raised with (emotional incest).

Under that perspective I would have to conclude that “You x Your Kintype’s Blood Relative” DOES count as at least emotional incest and therefore would fall under society’s incest taboo.  “You x Your kintype from another canon” probably also counts as ‘selfcest’ and therefor also emotional incest.

With that said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, because a) you’re obviously not blood related now, so there’s no chance of inbreeding and causing genetic disorders which is the source of humanity’s instinctive tabboo. And B) its fiction, so its not hurting anybody. Write/ship/fantasize about whatever and whoever you want.

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