This is sort of personal but you’re so sweet I can’t help feeling open around you. I have a godkin going on and it wants to return to that life. I’m not sure how to explain it? I can’t think for myself. It’s stronger then me and wants me to die???

Hi anon. It sounds like you’re experiencing some incredible, and unpleasant, internal pressure. 

Please remember that you are something wonderful and unique in the world, and that your time here matters. 

Anything that wants you to die is not your friend, or is not thinking straight. If there’s something in you that is a god and wants to return, then it can damned well be patient. 

A mortal lifespan is a blink of an eye to a god, and it can suck it up and let you live your life here before it gets back to its business. 

It didn’t leave the stove burning. Everything will be fine when it eventually comes back. You are important here and now. 🙂

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