I saw something that gave me a really bad feeling, and I think it has something to do with my memories of a past life. I’ve been homesick recently, but I didn’t expect this kind of kinfeel and I’m kind of scared what it will mean. What should I do?

Go ahead and take it slow, anon. You will probably have to confront this feeling some time, but it should be on your own time and in your own way. Sadly, we all have to face bad memories, and the conequences of negetive things that happened in our kin lives. The best thing is to draw strength from the good things that have happened to you, both in your kin life, and in this life.

When you do feel ready to confront these feelings make sure you do self care afterwards. Be ready to treat yourself gently and compassionately, and remember, even if your feelings are objectively ‘silly’ or ‘just about ficton’, they matter and they are real to you.

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