hey, how do you deal with extreme homesickness from a kintype? i miss my past home a lot, and looking at the source material kind of helps but also ends up making me miss it more

I know the feeling, anon. Honestly there’s really only two ways of ‘dealing’ with homesickness like that.

Embrace it, like you’ve been doing and throw yourself into memories, and source material, and fandom. Look for canonmates and for other people from your source. Go through voluntary shifts and be closer to your kintype. Unfortunately, this often has the problem of making you even MORE nostalgic and can be a rough circle to get caught in where nothing is ever enough.

The other option is to Take a Break from throwing yourself into your kintype and source, and try really hard to ignore it for a while. Immerse yourself in fandoms and fiction that have nothing to do with your kintype. Hang out with friends and family in physical spaces. Do physical work or hobbies that don’t have anything to do with your kintype, etc. However, this can be hard, because sometimes you will just keep feeling that PULL no matter how hard you try to ingnore it.

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