I sort of have a problem? I think I’m otherkin, in addition to my fictionkin-ness. There’s these weird weights on my back and tailbone, and my mind keeps saying ‘don’t sit there, you’ll cramp your wings’, or I’ll involuntarily sit in a weird position so I don’t hurt my tail. I’m not sure, though.

It sounds like you have some phantom/astral limbs anon! They may or may not be related to a kintype. (sometimes limbs like these are related to a hearttype, or other type of connection, or just happen randomly).

It took me a long time to figure out what exactly was happening with my own phantom sensations, so I definitively wish you well figuring it out. I think the first step would be figuring out exactly what you have and what they look like, and from there, if that means anything to you!

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