I’m factkin but very very very very secretly (this is my first time admitting it at all anywhere to anyone) and i can completely understand why people uncomfortable with us, and those people being assholes isn’t helping at all. I don’t know of any places i could talk about my experiences without being judged, but tbh there’s a reason for that. Lots of reasons, which you already covered. I wish other factkin understood that too

Thank you for writing, anon. 🙂 I feel for you, I really do. Having to deal with being factkin must suck way more than being fictionkin. I can imagine the confusion, disphoria and cognitive dissonance that must come with sharing an identity with someone currently or recently alive and walking around on this earth. That shit would fuck me up.

I think a big part of the reason there is such a stigma against factkin is because the ones who speak up tend to be the ones who play it as a game, or frankly some who are legitimately delusional and would benefit from professional help. 

Thank you for understanding that posting about being factkin while specifically referencing the person you’re connected with is harmful to the person whose identity you share. I think that’s the missing piece of info that a lot of factkin don’t get.

What I would love to hear you and other factkin post about is how it effects you. How it makes you feel. What its like to live as a person while knowing there’s someone else out there walking around with the face that you feel should be YOUR face. You don’t need to talk about who exactly you are to talk about that, which I think is the really interesting and affecting discussion to be had about the factkin experience.

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