Why do Factkin and Personakin have such a bad reputation?

I have no idea what ‘personakin’ are (aside from fictionkin from the persona series). As for factkin, here are some highlights from my previous posts.

Factkin is something of a misnomer. It refers to people who believe that they have the identities of real people on earth, either because they are reincarnations of people who are dead, or alternate universe versions of living people.

Is it possible to be kin with an irl person like markiplier ????? I see a lot of people saying theyre kin with someone from hamilton but a bunch of blogs count that as factkin and wont talk to them, is that ok?◥ANONYMOUS

In multiverse theory its possible yes. I guess in psychological kinity it could technically be possible too, however.

Its also a really big fucking taboo, especially where it comes to claiming to be kin of living people, and for good reason.

First of all whether or not you’re kin of a person, you’ll never have the exact same experience as the one who exists in this world. You’re still a different person, even if you remember the same name, similar background etc. You’re not identical, just as no two kin of Legolas are identical.

Secondly, unlike claiming to be a fictional character, claiming to be a living or recently deceased person can be harmful and even traumatic for that person or their family.

Thirdly there is a perception of people in society and in the media of people who claim to be the ‘real’ version of celebrities as stalkers of some kind.

If you believe you may be factkin of someone currently living or recently deceased, that is the ONLY time when I would suggest that you not share this kintype in the community.

My suggestion if you do want to talk about your experiences or be in the community would be not not identify your kintype by name. Not because of judgement from other kin (though that is a factor) but specifically so that you won’t come up in a search if the person ever google’s themself.

Factkin are potentially real. That is, there is no reason why they couldn’t really exist.

However, generally speaking claiming to be another living person is never anything but harmful, and potentially manipulative/abusive.

Factkin of living people are the only kin I would ever suggest that should not refer to their kintypes specifically, to avoid being found by the people that they believe they are, and causing mental problems or abuse.

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