Hey there! So I’ve heard a lot about kin and I’m respectfully neutral on the subject. But having found you, I’m actually quite curious about something. Have you ever met anyone who is also kin with Pearl/Vriska/Kaizer and how do you go about that? Do you believe you to be the only one, the true one, or can there be multiple? I mean no disrespect, I was just wondering about this possible dilemma. Anyways, keep being you~ no matter what no one deserves to tell you who you’re supposed to be.

Hi there. Thanks for being so respectful. You can read  a lot more about my beliefs and experiences on my webpage: http://fictionkin.net/

To answer your questions shortly: I have met people who were kin of Pearl, and people who were kin of Vriska. I have never met another kin of the Kaizer, and I have never met someone who was kin of all three. Normally we don’t talk to one another much- in general I don’t get along with other Vriskas, but I’ve had some positive interactions with other Pearls, which I guess doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t believe anyone to be the ‘one true’ whoever; I believe there is room for many of us due to believing in multiverse theory, which you can read more about here: fictionkin.net/multiverse-theory/

Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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