so, i’ve noticed a trend among a lot of kin, from fictives to otherkin… and that’s what they call ‘linking’. It’s basically where the one ‘fronting’ ‘links’ to other headspaces using roleplay-like dialogue and they can apparently interact this way in ‘real time’ as if they were real. is this, even a thing? can this even be real? or is it just roleplay? lol

Some people do claim to be able to communicate with members of other people’s headspaces either at a distance, or by the members ‘visiting’ the headspace of the person making the claim.

While I have personally experienced this, and thus do believe it to be possible, I STRONGLY URGE you to be very skeptical about anyone who claims to be able to communicate outside of their own headspace as this is often a tactic of abusers and manipulators seeking to further their own agenda.

ALWAYS take a huge grain of salt with anything anyone says to you in regards of communicating with headspaces that are not their own, whether your own or someone elses.

And if someone is trying to tell you that your headmates said or did things that you do not believe they would do, DO NOT BELIEVE them. Trust yourself and your headmates first, and anyone else’s comments on that matter with great skepticism.

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