Zaphaera’s Alterhuman Dictionary



From the greater collection of non-human/otherworldly communities. Those being who have alternate identities from their present human selves or those with any connection to creatures, beings, and characters from alternate worlds or realities. There are many groups of different types of alterhumans, with varying individual belief’s and structural ideals. 

Otherkin (Otherkinity): Otherkin are people who identify as non-human beings on a non-physical level, in either a spiritual or psychological way. Usually mythical or fantastic creatures not of Earth or our reality, they are commonly beings such as dragons, elves, or even aliens. These identities are an integral part of the individual, often found through introspection, personal experience, and the like. Otherkin can not choose their identities, as they are a deeply felt phenomenon that they do not have control over having.

Fictionkin: Fictionkin are those who identify on an integral level as a character or creature from a fictional series, either spiritually or psychologically. These individuals, like otherkin, feel a deep personal connection to who or what they identify as. The identity a fictionkin has is not a choice, but a deeply felt personal identity they have no control over having.

Therian (Therianthropy): Therians are people who identify as an animal or creature from Earth, either spiritually or psychologically on an integral level of their self.  This ranges from any creature that existed on Earth from an Ant to a Zebra, and includes even animals that are extinct.  Their identities are found through various methods of introspection, self discovery, and personal experiences. Just as Otherkin, Therians can not choose their identities and are an equal phenomenon they do not have control over having.

Theriomythic: Theriomythics are people who identify as mythical creatures in a feral sense, in a spiritually or psychological way. They often border between therian and otherkin communities, but is entirely up to the individual which communities they associate with or not. Like any type of therian, theriomythics do not choose to have these identities, as they are a personal part of themselves that they had no choice in having.

Phytanthrope (Phytanthropy) or Plantkin: Phytanthropes or plantkin, by whichever they choose to label themselves as, are those who identify as plants. This is an integral identity of their self that is experienced on a spiritual or psychological level in a non-physical way. Just as otherkin and therians, they have no choice in having this identity as it is a deeply felt personal phenomenon. 

Draconic (Draconity): Draconics are those who identify as dragons, in either a spiritual or psychological way. Someone who is draconic isn’t necessarily a dragonkin(dragon identifying otherkin) as it is up to them to label themselves as such. The draconic community is separate from the otherkin, but they do overlap often.

Vampire: People who identify as vampires. Not the same as someone who is say, vampirekin, the vampire community consists of those who believe they are physically vampires of a sort in the here and now. There are essentially two types; psychic/pranic vampires(energy feeders) or sanguine vampires(blood feeders). They tend to keep to their own separate communities and do not often integrate with otherkin and the like.

Copinglinker (Copinglink): A copinglinker is someone who chooses an identity, that can be of any animal, creature, or fictional character, that they are in order to cope with mental illness, trauma or other emotional factors. They can choose anything to identify as that will aid them in coping. This is not the same as being otherkin, but they do often spend time in the otherkin community. 

Animafidem (Animafidemism): An Animafidem is an individual who spiritually believes that their soul is of a non-human species, by the spirituality: Animafidemism.  This is a solely spiritual felt belief that only involves the identity of the soul specifically.  Animafidem do not choose what their soul is, as no one has a choice to what their soul was created in being.

Cerebrumalius (Cerebrumalia): The Cerebrumalius is an individual who psychologically believes they have a non-human identity. They believe their identity comes from how their brain is wired or brain “weirdness”.  The Cerebrumalius does not choose what they identify as or have any control over it, it is simply how their brain works.

Otherhearted: Those who are otherhearted, have a strong emotional or spiritual connection to any type of non-human creature. They do not identify as that creature, but feel a deeply personal and emotional bond to them.

Fictionhearted: Those who are fictionhearted, have a strong emotional or spiritual connection to any fictional character or fictional species. They do not identify as that character or creature, but feel a deeply personal and emotional bond to them.

Soulbonder (Soulbond): The soulbonder is someone that the spirit of another being has “bonded” with and communicates with that usually comes from another dimension. The soulbond is a spirit that inhabits the headspace or body of an individual and can share emotions and memories with the soulbonder.

Multiples (Plural): Anyone who is sharing a body with more than one entity. A plural system can be either a multiple system or a median system, or anything in between. They could either be a part of a group of distinct individuals who share the same body(multiple system) or a group that is not so distinctly separate(median system) who share a body.


These definitions only scratch the surface of what being part of any of these communities means. When it comes down to it, it is up to the individual to discover and research for themselves whether or not they are alterhuman or not. There is nothing wrong with being alterhuman or not being alterhuman. 

Feeling other than human doesn’t mean you have to label yourself as such either. I’ve said this before and I stand by it, but just be yourself and what comes naturally. There’s no wrong outcome, even if you don’t get it right at first. Whether you’re otherkin, therian, copinglink, or none of the above.. you’re always you, and that’s what matters most.

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