About asking people to suppress their kintypes, what if they identify as adolf hitler to ‘cope’. I’m not even joking I came across a blog reblogging pictures of hitler and saying they were fictionkin


Ive been seeing something about a Hitlerkin.

Ok so, this is not the first time hitlerkin have existed. Hitler is a long standing go to fake kintype for people trolling the community.

Ususally through fake blogs or forum accounts, it happened all the time back in the days of 4Chan raids and ddos attacks on kin forums.

If you see someone with a hitler kintype-99.9% likely that person is a troll.

Also, choosing an identity to cope is not otherkin. While being kin can be related to brain related things its still an involuntary identity and not a coping mechanism.

Taking on the identity of a character for coping purposes is called a copinglink and the people c’linkers or c’links.

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