WTF has happened here…



I’ve been a therian for just over five years now and for a short while at the begining I was active on small threads but then left completely when there were a phase of hierarchical packs comng through. I’ve just come back after years of being innactive about therianthropy online and well…wtf.

There only used to be a very small group of Fiction-kin and they where species not characters. As a phycological therian identifying as a fictional species seemed reasonable as if the disphoria you were experiancing best matched a fictional character then alrighty but identifying as a specific character…the author owns that character and shits going to happen to them that you may not like and then what? I’ve seen many people play the ‘multi-verse’ therory but the problem with that is even if it is true there is no way each reality could ever effect another.

Next is this pronoun bullshit. What the fuck? I have a pet cat and I call her ‘she’ and ‘herself’ not ‘cat’ and ‘catself’. Your pronoun is your gender not your species! I am actually praying that the posts including it are trolling becuase we do not need any help looking crazy and, in my opinion, it offensive to the transgender community who actually need to change their pronouns. Some have said that they use the pronouns of their theriotype and I can understand that to some degree as my Water Deer side is male but when I’m shifted the last thing im thinking about is ‘oh boy, I hope no one calls me ‘she’, a english word that means absolutly shit all to me!’

However it’s not all doom and gloom, I’m really happy to see a rise in anti physical shifters mentality. As I said, we need no help looking crazy, and those claming we can physclly shift were certainly helping that view. I’m also made hopeful by the amount of positivity here. I remember when I first joined the community the emphasis on packs and hierarchy, the speciesism and the frankly rude nature people who were ill informed were treated. But I can see a massive improvement here.

We are taking big steps forward but dont let our progress be dragged back again. We need to talk to our opponents and prove that we arn’t the special little snowflakes they see us as; prove that the are reasonable people; and prove that we are valid. But to do that we reall must be it first.

Alright, clearly your thoughts on fictionkin are your own opinion and all, but don’t speak for our community like you are some sort of all deciding being on what “realities” we are capable and allowed to believe in. You sound exactly like these “hierarchal” people that you are trying to avoid, making yourself sound like hell of a hypocrite right now. Otherkin, Fictionkin, and Therians are all entitled to their own personal beliefs regarding their identities. Not one is more legitimate or superior to the other, so cut that shit out

Also, are you forgetting that the Otherkin community basically started out as fictionkin? Elvenkind ring a bell? Because if it doesn’t, clearly you have a lot to learn before you go talking shit about another group of people. I mean, you sound just as uneducated as fucking antis right now. I am fucking sick and tired of people looking down on fictionkin and treating our identities like the bottom tier of otherkinity as if there is some sort of hierarchal tier of who’s identity is more valid or some shit. NONE OF US ARE VALID. All of this, is an IDENTITY PHENOMENON. We are just as legitimate as any other alterhuman, because as it is there is no damn proof of either of us being true or false in what we theorize. 

I fucking identify as 2 fictional characters through what I believe are past life experiences that I have felt on a deeply integral level before finding that a source material matched my feelings. I have memories, shifts, and everything else that I experience with my primary kintype. Why in hell would you believing that you are an animal be any less legitimate than my experience of being a character? Are you telling me that my belief’s are lesser than yours? That what I am isn’t the same as being otherkin? B U L L S H I T.

I don’t care if this is your personal opinion, but don’t think for a second that you can speak for our entire community. We have been here for just as long, some of us for longer than you have, and we aren’t going anywhere. And like I said, if you can’t be open minded with others belief’s, than you are part of the problem with hierarchal elitists. 

Think about that.

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