Hey, dragonkin!!!



I’m curious of what and who you really are. Could you reblog with either a description or drawing of your dragon self (with inner qualities as well)?

I’m an around 2,8 meters high Europian dragon (my kind is called Earth’s venom) with greenish scales, greenish blue underbelly and yellow feathers on top of my head and on the tip of my tail. My looks are a bit more feminine, but my gender is questionable. I have a pair of wings well suited for manuvering mid-air. My head is aerodynamic and has a beak. My eyes are similar to cats’ eyes, but the white part almost always can be seen. I breathe blue fire and can spit poison. I’m pretty arrogant and selfish at times, but never hesitate to help those in need.


(pronouns are only for a specific context, not mandatory)

This ref is a little outdated, but the only real flaw is in the back legs being drawn a little too long, and the artists wasn’t up for doing scales all over. Other than that, there you have it. edit: oh, and two more fins, one above each hip. 


Black hair is the natural shade, I was just in a Mood with the ref sheet.

Gender is also questionable, as we categorized ourselves only by whether we sired or laid eggs (or both). In gendered terms, it made me a male. Biologically that had no point, since even a dragoness could look, sound, and behave as masculine as me, especially those westerners.

I wasn’t all that different, internally, just younger. This was my very first incarnation, so I guess I had a lot more enthusiasm and curiosity than I do now. “Vibrancy” is a good word.

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