Imo groups of things are easier to look at and process rather than long lists but now im wondering if i should ungroup mine? I want to be taken seriously and if grouping them will work against that then…



Hey anon, don’t let my grumping negatively effect how you conceptualize and process your kintype stuff. Like I said, its not really a big deal to me, and I judge people based on sincerity not on numbers of kintypes etc.

That said I can’t help but wonder when people are including like fourth and fifth level kintypes if there’s really a significant emotional connection there. I’m not saying there’s NOT, but that’s just what it leads me to think about when kintypes are ranked like that.

If you’re only doing it to make the list easier to read, maybe consider just changing the coding or arrangement of the page to space them differently (such as icons in arrangements of groups of five or something)?

I think it’s specifically people who group their kintypes by importance, e.g. “primary ID + secondary + tertiary”, who make the entire concept harder to take seriously.

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