Stopthetumblerkin, an otherkin, is screenshoting people’s about/byf and mocking them on their blog. I’m scared that they’re going to mock me. I know why non closely examined 30+ kintypes can be a problem but 1) I only have 4/5 and I pay attention to them 2) I know to give up on a kintype when I haven’t felt it for months 3) going at it this way is educating no one. I blocked them but that’s useless, anyone can screencap my blog and tag them. I don’t feel safe in my own community.

Hi anon, I’m sorry you’re feeling uncomfortable. Try to cheer up though, because the blog in question hasn’t been active in 2 months and the owner probably got bored. 

Also they say that “If you’re ever paranoid that I’ll take screencaps of your blog, I generally will respect your wishes if you put it in your blog somewhere indicating you don’t want screencaps.”

And from the sound of it, you don’t hit the target of this person’s vendetta anyway.

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