Hi, I was wondering if you had heard of any issues with kin being… Not canon gender? Like I identify with Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale, but I’m a girl and canon Cecil is not. Also follow up question I think you may have answered before: can you identify with many different kin from different universes?

If you mean that the Cecil you remember being was female, and canon Cecil is male– many of us kin experience large differences between the lives we experienced, and the way things played out in ‘canon’. That’s why i believe in the many worlds theory. Because everything happened somewhere. 

If you mean that you recall being Cecil Palmer, who was male, and now in this lifetime you are a female– many to most kin have kintypes that are a different gender than they consider themselves.

And to answer your last question, yes, you can have many different kintypes. However, being kin is not a matter of ‘identifying with’ someone.

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