So, I’m worried I may be a fictionflicker. But I have memories of every single one of my kintypes. I have over 20 and I have solid memories for every single one. If I am a fictionflicker, does that mean I’m making them up? Am I not actually kin of these characters? Is being a fictionflicker ‘bad’ or mean that I’m not actually kin? I’m not sure how to word my worries, sorry

First of all, let me be very, very clear.

Being a fictionflicker isn’t bad. It isn’t something to be ‘worried’ you are. Its not something negative, its just another kind of identity.

Second of all, to the best of my knowledge, each ‘flicker’ lasts a while and then fades, generally replaced by the next one, being serial, rather than stacking up. If you continue to feel connected to each of these identities you’re more likely polykin,

However, if you are a fictionflciker,you’d probably keep the memories gained by each flicker, even after the connection has passed.

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